Xionic Madness 3 is a tribute by Xionico for Madness Day 2010.The story starts with Omega saying that the people he worked for betrayed him and Xero after the XV mission, and that without Cervical Armor they can't beat Kary.We go to the roof of a building where Xero is fending off Rank-1 soldiers with a scimitar, and go down to Omega fighting Rank-1s as well with an AK-47 and a Mini-Uzi.Omega and Xero inject themselves with needles full of armor info that they stole.Once their armor is online, Omega notices that they can't access all their weapons.Omega and Xero go and kill more soldiers until they can access more of their weaponry, which they find out is the "special condition" on the weapon system.We cut to the Overseer calling in advanced infantry.The robot master activates the K.I.R.B.Y.s and Leviatans.Omega goes through the streets to the train station while Xero goes through the highway.Xero gets coated in blood after overcharging his bloodstrings to kill a large group of soldiers all at once.Omega makes it to the train station, shooting down soldiers with his Armadillo, also shooting a soldier in half, who kills himself by jumping in front of a train.Sparatans and Rank-4 soldiers arrive, so Omega uses the brain-drill rocket function on the Armadillo to take them out.Xero gets through the soldier's heavy cannons by overcharging his Aeroslash, which causes a temporary time slow, which Xero uses to slice up all the nearby soldiers.We go back to Omega killing Rank-1 soldiers, where Hank,in his outfit from MC5, hi-fives Omega and leaves.Xero destroys the cannon and gets to the train station.We cut to the Overseer, who sends in copies of Xero and Omega, in their armor they had during the XV mission, to kill them.The automatons crush the train Xero and Omega were going to escape in, when Xero makes a joke saying"Just look at that! Our own action figures. We're fucking famous man!".Omega realizes that the kill-count unlocking system was to collect data for the automatons so they can fight on an even ground.Xero and Omega find themselves matched with the weapons they had been fighting the soldiers with.Omega yells to Xero to use his Longinus knife, a variant of the Loner from Xionic Madness 1 and 2, to defeat the automatons since they have Omega and Xero's DNA. The station explodes from the force of the automaton's magnetic explosions.Kary arrives to block Xero and Omega from getting through.Omega, Xero, and Kary prepare to fight as the credits roll.