Xionic Madness 2 is a tribute by Xionico for Madness Day 2008.It starts with a fast summary of what happened in 1 and 1.5, then it cuts to Bio Int. soldiers going to deactivate the N8 on the rooftop, but are stopped by Xero in his new armor and weapons, Red Hill and Blue Shark(small blue sword).Meanwhile, Omega is trying to kill XV, who has changed into a spider form, and summons his Obliterator minigun.The team fighting Xero calls for backup, but the others teams are under heavy fire from the Green and Red spies.XV shapeshifts into a bird-like thing that can make Omega's gun disappear, which he kills again, but XV just gets back up as a skeletal bird-thing.A spy activates a C4 on the power box, killing the lights.The infected beings from Xionic Madness appear again to kill Xero, but he kills most of them with Red Hill's plasma wave.Xero looks and sees a chopper outside the window.XV shapeshifts once again to look more like Omega, can also copies the Obliterator as its arm.Neither Omega nor XV can get a hit in since they always block the other's fire with their own.The chopper tries to lock onto Xero, but he is going too fast to lock on to.Xero activates his rocket boots to fly up to the chopper, but finds that the Interceptors have arrived.Down on the ground, reinforcements are coming to go in, but Kary comes out with Askad's glasses.the soldiers try to destroy her, but she uses the glasses' power to block all the bullets and throw them back at the soldiers(similar to what Jesus did in MC8).Xero destroys all the Interceptors, as well as 2 spies playing cards.Xero blows through the 2 choppers and informs Omega he has less than a minute to kill XV and get out.Omega uses Bloody Doll, a syringe that changes blood into mini-missiles, to distract XV while he teleports behind it and finishs it off by stabbing it with his Loner suicide knife since it copied his DNA and machine parts.Xero carries off Omega and reports that Bio Int. is no more.Kary,we learn, was on a secret mission to KILL Xero,Omega, and Askad.HQ orders her to complete the assignment as the movie ends.