Xionic Madness 1.5 is a tribute by Xionico a month before Madness Day 2008.It begins with Omega fighting XV, which uses it ability to copy others to use Omega's Overdrive Armor(why he is only black and neon red).Omega knocks down XV and starts shooting it with his 2 Joys in the face, but it picks up Omega with half of its face gone.Omega goes THROUGH the door with a bloody chest, and Xv does as well in a more human form.Omega deactivates his Overdrive Armor so XV can't copy it.More Bio Int. Black Ops teams arrive and try to kill Xero, but his armor endures all their bullets.he kills one and tells the other to open the door or he dies.We skip back to Omega and XV where XV is dodging all of Omega's bullets, so Omega switch tactics by using his Joys as tonfas so Omega can weaken XV enough that he can kill it with his gunfire.XV takes one of the tonfas to use.Xero goes in and kills the scientists, but more teleport in, so he kill them as well.Another group of teleporting scientists come in and are killed by Xero, who takes one of the belt for himself.The movie cuts back to Omega and XV,where XV rips the tonfa in half, so omega drops his and starts punching XV, who claws back until Omega breaks XV's hand off and shoots it in the face with his Bull shotgun.We go back to Xero and Kary with Xero charging up Kary so he doesn't have to fight every person alone.Xero decides to hack into Bio Int. and finds his name under the profiles(along with Jesus,Hank,Tricky, and another where the name can't be seen)and finds out he was made by Bio Int. and that the people he works for stole him.The computer shuts down and warns of a power outage, so Xero plants the N8, as well as getting the upgrade mentioned in his file from pod X-204, which enables him to have the ability to use guns and to summon weapons at will like Omega can.Kary gets a video from the dead Askad telling her that his glasses are a final upgrade for her.The movie ends with a mini-trailer for Xionic Madness 2.