Xionic Madness is a tribute by Xionic for Madness Day 2007.

It opens with Kary going up to the front desk of Bio Int. and kills the guard with gatherer (her claws). Omega's shotgun closer shooting 2 others. He starts his log and introduces askad and Xero(typo as Xelo) .Askad cuts off Bio Int.'s communications .Bio Int. Black Ops members go in 3 three-man teams to kill them.Askad and Kary head off to find XV(roman numberal for 15), while Xero and Omega kill 1 of the teams, and find out Xero doesn't kill unarmed humans, but Omega kills anyone who poses a threat to completing a mission. Omega and Xero go through the heli-port, where another one of the orignal 3 Black Ops team ambushes them. A helicopter comes in with a gatling gun and try to gun down Xero, who starts running up the building opposite of where they entered the heli-port. Omega jumps in the copter and kills the 2 in it, and also leaves the copter on the roof. They are about to proceed forward when a ATD (Anti-Tank-Dragon) appears, which Xero kills by stabbing it in the back of it's head. The two meet up with Askad and Kary, where Askad deactivates all the secruity locks, and is about to go in when an infected being stabs him through the chest and throws him into the dark part of the room. Askad throws Xero the N8


explosive and tells him to proceed with the mission. Xero disagrees with leaving him, but Askad uses his Loner suicide knife on himself, causing an yellow magnetic explosion. Kary uses her energy reactor powers to kill infected beings until she stores up enough energy from them to finish off the infected beings, leaving Kary exhausted. Omega and Xero go in with Kary on Xero's back and see that XV has escaped from its containment. It then appears in


a white flash of light, with Omega ordering Xero and Kary to leave


while he takes care of XV.
Xionic Madness by Xionico copia