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Everything will take place in Nevada, the world is in danger. Edit

Dangerous virus spread by air, which causes over time, hemorrhage and death, a group of professional chemists and professors and soldiers inviting Rangers, who are engaged in cure for recovery, during development is one of the professors betray and steals most important part of the data, which was all. Prof. Edward Sting escapes (bribed to help him pilot Rangers) and becomes part of the side of flash, Sting communicate with the boss, side of flash to develop something that will help him dominate the world, but Prof. Edward Sting mutates to the first version of mutants and used it against the boss and takes control over the side of flash. Prof. Edward Sting performs an attack on Rangers (send a bomb on the building)

A lot of professors suffered critical injuries and Ryder's father dies, Ryder tries everything to father not died, and so with prof. Ramon Rawling agree that it is used in a project called TechWarrior (Ramon worked on this project alone, but not had any brain for revive machine) After completing the operation and transplantation into the machine, unfortunately, the machine performed short circuit (was hacked side of Flash) and Techwarrior used rocket launcher and shoot the boss, Rangers. Rangers boss living in devices without which it would die, signed and approved by the operation on a cyborg. Rangers found the first location where they could be the first data from a stolen project and sends its best soldiers in the vehicle, but while driving is a surprise Techwarrior and kills everyone except Ryder, Techwarrior looking at Ryder stops the process, to prevent him to kill him, then confused, flies away. And finally, everything depends on Ryder.

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  • RR Character :Ryder Sawlander
  • RR Character :Agent Globe-C
  • RR Character :Mutant (The Wraith v0.85)
  • RR Character :Prof. Edward Sting
  • RR Character :Units (Side of Flash)
  • RR Character :Prof. Ramon Rawling
  • RR Character :Saboteur (Rangers)
  • RR Character :Special Unit (Side of Flash)
  • RR Character :TechWarrior
  • RR Character :The mutated unit (Side of Flash)
  • RR Character :Pilot (Traitor Rangers)
  • RR Character :Cyborg (Boss Rangers)
  • RR Character :Unique Unit (Side of Green)
  • RR Character :Mutant (Wraith v0.90)
  • RR Character :Specialists /Technicians (Side of Flash)
  • RR Character :Units (Side of Green)
  • RR :End Part09

Ryder Revenge ForeverEdit


This is one of secondary episodes of explaining the true end (continues RRpart09). The story of this episode is about a father (James - policeman) who killed son and wants to take revenge for it, with your own car conflicts with the person (Robert -Phobos / Soldier) with whom he befriends and helps him in revenge.

Initially, this episode should appoint (James Revenge, but when it had a lot to do with the story Ryder revenge so I named, Ryder Revenge Forever)


  • RRF: The Boss (Side of Green)
  • RRF: James and Phobos
  • RRF: Special Units (Side of Green)
  • RRF: AntiWarrior (Side of Green)
  • RRF: Cyborg Unit (Side of Green)
  • I´ll be back soon. (Unused sprite)

Real end?Edit

True end was to be in the episode RR Unlimited, but this episode to cancel and begin work on a new remake of the old series including real end.

Special Thanks: Edit

Matt Jolly (Krinkels) :Original Madness Combat Edit

Sawyer :TechWarrior character Edit

Sunshaft / Winside :Soundtrack for Part05 and Special Unit character Edit

Lubos :Effects (Explosions) /Bloods and Saboteur character Edit

Gigmastr / Gujit :Special Unit character (RRpart09) (Side of Green) Edit


Ryder Revenge all episodes in one

Ryder Revenge (Full movie) (2009 - 2011)

Ryder Revenge (Full movie) (2009 - 2011)

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Ryder Revenge Forever

Ryder Revenge Forever -Eng subtitles

Ryder Revenge Forever -Eng subtitles

Little Preview on new Ryder Revenge.

(CZMC) Ryder Revenge (2015) Short Preview

(CZMC) Ryder Revenge (2015) Short Preview