Ravine Madness is a tribute by Rapheus for Madness Day 2010.You have 9 options to get the guy(Rapheus) over the Ravine(which all fail).The options are(one is hidden):

Jump:He steps back and jumps across, but he stops going halfway across and pulls out a sign that says Yipe! and yells as he falls to his death.

Pogo Stick:He tries to bounce over, but he falls halfway across, then comes back up and down again.

Rocket:He flies too high and come backs far away from the ravine, and explodes.

Grapple gun:He shoots the gun up in the air to swing across, but it gets stuck in the tail blade of a helicopter, slicing rapheus to shreds.The helicopter hten reveals it to be Sanford and Deimos in the helicopter they escaped in in Madness 6.5.

Catapult:The catapult throws Rapheus into the other side of the ravine, which smashes his skull.

Flying power up:His head inflates so he can fly across the ravine, but a bird shows up and pops his head.A dog then appears and laughs.

Balloons:Rapheus's balloons(except one) pop before he gets a grip on the other side of the ravine.Link(from MadSeth)shows up in a jeep and kills Rapheus with a rocket launcher.

Button:Rapheus teleports across to the otherside, but he bleeds out because his skeleton is still on the side he started from.

Portal gun(under the catapult option):Rapheus makes 2 portals and jumps in the orange one so he comes up the blue one.He shoots the orange portal over to the other side and comes out there.It looks like he made it, but a sign next to him says this side is a minefield.He says"Son of a-" then a mine blows him up.