Mike Stevens
MM4 Mike
MM4 Mike
Debut:Mafia Madness 2: Enragement
Role(s):Secondary Antagonist
Allies:Mafialeader, Mafia Men
Enemies:Kage Jason
Series:Mafia Madness

Mike Stevens is the secondary antagonist to the Mafia Madness Series by Madnesscrazy123 on Newgrounds. He starts off as a decoy leader, but becomes his co-worker and a mutant with a secret desire to over-throw the Mafialeader and take control of the Mafia. He Hates Kage Jason for Killing him, and doesn't care if he has to use his allies as meat shields.


Mafia Madness 2: EnragementEdit

He doesn't appear until the end of the episode, Kage kills him with an Steyr AUG.

Mafia Madness 3: RevengeEdit

He appears half way though the episode as a mutant, he cuts the wires to the elevator causing it to fall then he and Kage( Armed with a Katana) have a fight in mid-air, Kage wins this fight causing Mike to fall to his death.

Weapons usedEdit

  • Hand Axes