MicMadness is an anmation by Miccool for Madness Day 2011.It starts with a grunt pulling out and lighting a cigarette, who is then sniped by Hank.The guard now dead, Hank enters the building to see 2 grunts with machine guns.Hank takes cover and then slides across the hallway, killing one who gun fires into the 2nd grunt.another grunt fires into the hallway from another room, which Hank dashes into.3 grunts with swords engage Hank when he enters.Hank smashes one's skull, taking their sword, and splitting another's head( leaving the 3rd swordsman with an unknown fate).A grunt with a fire axe comes at Hank, who bisects this one's head as well.2 more grunts shoot at Hank, until one thorws a grenade.One goes into the smoke cloud and a slash is seen.Hank throws his sword into the others head, then retrieves it.He then goes through a door with the words"Clown" posted next to it.Tricky appears, twirls his signature stop sign, and then Hank and Triocky exchange blows until Hank impales Tricky on his sword.Hank swings again as the animation ends.