Mafia Madness 2: Enragement
400px-Mafia Madness 2 Screenshot
Kage killing Mafia men
Music:Sean Hodges
Track(s):Cheshyre Callope
Release date:22/12/11
Running time:More than a Min
Protagonist(s):Kage Jason
Main antagonist(s):Mafialeader, Mike Stevens
Body count:50

Mafia Madness 2: Enragement is the second installment of the Mafia Madness series from Madnesscrazy123. This episode reveals that the series takes place in Glen.


The animation begins with the text: THERE WAS A MAN TO SOUGHT THE MAFIA, SOMEWHERE IN GLEN... the the scene cuts to two Mafia men standing in front of their base, Kage Jason comes into view and kills one of the Mafia men with a switchblade knife then throws it at another. Kage then proceeds to pick up an MP5 and enters the building.

Inside, a Mafia man is having target practice with a "Kage Doll" Using an AK-47. The Kage Doll however is made of metal, so the bullets deflected off and one of them hit a Mafia man and killed him. Kage then comes in and kills the practing Mafia man then Kills others that come into the room the then walk to the centre to pick up a FAMAS and kills ther remaining that come into the room.

Kage enters the next room and continues his killing spree with his MP5 and FAMAS, he throws his MP5 to disarm a Mafia man, only to kill him with the FAMAS, Kage proceeds to walk though to the centre room where a Mafia man takes a swipe at Kage, only to be shot in the face by Kage's FAMAS he throws behind him and draws bowie knife and stabs, punches and beheads a Mafia Man behind him, the scene cuts to five Mafia Men, Kage throws the head after he stuffs it with a bomb off-screen and kills all 5 of them. Kage picks the sword and stabs and throws the final Mafia Man in that room into the Next room.

The dead Mafia Man's Body discracts the two Mafia men one of them gets killed with a MAC-10 the other gets slashed straight though his head.