Mafia Madness
Mafia Madness 1
Kage Killing Mafia Men
Music:Sean Hodges and Tazers
Track(s):Enlightment Music
Release date:{{{Date}}}
Running time:25 seconds (Approx)
Protagonist(s):Kage Jason
Main antagonist(s):Mafia Men
Body count:24

Mafia Madness 1 is the First installment of the Mafia Madness series by Madnesscrazy123.


Three Mafia Men stand in the middle of the screen and Kage Jason (The protagonist) Comes in an draws a PPK and shoots them he draws out a second one, he kills two more that come into screen, he discards on of the PPKs and kills one that comes from behind the then throws his other PPK into another Mafia men. Kage then gets knocked down by a Mafia man, but Kage gets back up and beats him to death. Kage walks to the other side to pick up a Mac-10 and a knife. Kage throws the knife behind him, killing a Mafia Man while shooting another with the MAC-10, he then turns around killing two more men. Then they are somehow revived, and Kage freezes time then throwing 3 grenades, Kage walks toward the grenades and pulls the pins then stands in the middle and resumes time which causes the grenades to explode, Kage walks off-screen to get a boom box sets it down to play Dad's Enlightment music, which he dances to, then the animation ends.

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Introduced WeaponsEdit

  • PPK
  • MAC-10
  • Knife


  • There was a different variant of this episode, however, Madnesscrazy, ditched that version and desided that this version would be the offical first episode of the Mafia Madness Series.
  • This is the first episode to introduce Kage as well as his time powers.