Madness: Zombie Quarantine is a tribute made by nuke505 for Madness Day 2010.


In the animation, zombies have taken over Red China and the military has been sent in.

In big letters it says: "IT SPREAD LIKE WILD FIRE, A VIRUS THAT THREATENED MADNESS AS WE KNOW IT". A military agent is seen shooting a zombie who gets his head ripped off. Another agent kills that zombie with a sniper. He meets up with another agent and they kill 2 zombies as well as see a fellow agent zombify, starting by vomiting up blood, his hands turning green, shaking, then his head zombifies. They kill him and it cuts to the next room, where the leader zombie is spawning other zombies to kill them, the 2 agents go in and try to take him down, but the zombie uses telekinesis on their bullets. He spawns 7 zombies and disappears. The agent with the sniper rifle discards his gun for two pistols. He discards one for a Bowie knife and jumps out of the building thorugh a hole he made with a RPG with the other agent. The other agent dies in the fall and the leader zombie is about to kill the other with a Desert Eagle, but he stabs him and shoots it twice. He thinks it is over, but the zombie survives the wounds and attacks him.