Madness Capitation is a tribute by smotez in 2008(not during Madness Day).The story is of Jayton, who failed to pay his tax bills, so the Tax Man sent his agents to hurt him and give a 1-day notice to pay or die.Jayton kills 9 agents with a scoped Smith and Wesson Model 500.He takes a machine gun and kills 2 more.He discards it for a MAC-10 and kills more and gets another.He kills more and discards one, then swaps his MAC-10 for a P-90, but is shot in the face with an M16 as he is picking it up.The death music from Madness Combat:Avenger plays, but he is revived by the Higher Powers.He kills until his P-90 runs out of ammo, then takes 2 TEC-9s.The Landlord appears after Jayton goes in the building armed with two 1911s.Jayton kills more agents, then a cyborg agent comes in.It punches Jayton away from him.He picks up a AK-47 and kills it.He grabs an MP5K from a dead agent, and two red-masked ATP agents are guarding the door.Jayton shoots one and rips the other in half.He kills another cyborg with the MP5K.He takes another Smith and Wesson Model 500 and pulls out his signature one.Jayton goes into the room with the Tax Man.The Tax Man says Jayton will die right in the room they are in, but Jayton says "Nah, Fuck you!".The Landlord appears again and says Jayton has a foul mouth and the Tax Man agrees.Jayton tells the Landlord to shit off, but he kills Jayton.The Tax Man makes the Landlord dump Jayton's body outside.Jayton says everything turned to whiteness as it ends.