Lawn Mower Madness is a Madness Combat tribute animation released on Madness Day 2011. It shows three men escaping a prison, which seems to be run by a gang.


The animation begins with the song "House of Pain" being played and shows two guards standing outside a warehouse entrance. Two men inside the warehouse are searching for something, then it cuts to them walking towards a third man who takes off a tarp revealing a lawn mower. The two men look at each other and nod.

They break through the warehouse door on the lawn mower, with one driving and the others on the side (with one holding a shovel). They are pursued by the guards, but they kill three guards in their way with the unarmed man grabbing an AK-47 off one of them. He fires at his pursuers while his partner throws a guard lodge into his shovel at one of them. The pursuers are killed, but a CA filled with more guards arrives. The passenger in the front fires his pistol and nearly hits the driver. The driver waves his fist angrily at them while his friend fires his AK at them until it is out of ammo. He then throws the magazine at the shooter which hits him, then the AK itself. His partner throws the shovel at them, impaling it on the passenger's head, killing him.

They celebrate before they run over a innocent bystander which causes them to nearly fall off. At the same time, the second passenger is arming an RPG, but the driver hits the dead body, causing the RPG to fall out of his hand. The rocket goes flying at the guard at the gate who was about to fire, but the explosion kills him and the pursuit continues. A helicopter flies over and fires its rockets at a bridge, killing more innocent people and destroying a section. The escapees see a ramp and decied to go at maximum speed and jump the gap. More guards wait on the other side, however the lawn mower misses and they fall below, with the guards shrugging their shoulders. The driver deploys a parachute, but the lawn mower hits the ground, killing all three of them with the animaton finishing with "edn", then the credits roll.