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Debut:Madness Capitation
Enemies:Landlord, Tax Man, Agents
Series:Madness Capitation Series


Jayton is the protagonist of Madness Capitation and Madness Capitation 2.His main mission is to kill the Tax Man so he doesn't have to pay his overpriced bills, and later the Landlord for killing him near the end of Madness Capitation.

Madness CapitationEdit

Jayton is bankrupt, so the Tax Man sends his agents with a notice that if Jayton doesn't turn up the money by tomorrow, his agents will kill him.He can't pay, so he goes to kill the Tax Man so he doesn't have to pay.Halfway to the Tax Man, a agent shot him in the face once with an M16, but he is revived by the Higher Powers(the lightning that resurrected Hank in the beginning of Madness Combat:Consternation).Jayton goes berserk and goes into the Tax Man's building, followed by The Landlord.Jayton kills 2 cyborgs and more agents.He gets in the Tax Man's office, but The Landlord kills Jayton with his 2 1911s.Jayton's body is dumped somewhere outside, along with his orange scoped Smith and Wesson Model 500.