Hankman: Madness Asylum is a tribute made by Drifts for Madness Day 2009. It reference
Flash 512399


s Batman: Arkham Asylum.

Hankman (who is the MC7 version of Hank) takes out his goggles, which the lens flare up to be red. He breaks in by throwing 3 grenades at a window. He kills a grunt by crushing his neck and shooting another. In the hallway he crushes a grunt's head, and is discovered by another who radios that he is coming. He goes into a room with grunts and a 1337 agent and takes out his sword. Hank blows all the grunts away with a red wave and slices the agent's head in half. A giant zombie bursts from the ground and runs around chasing Hank. Hank grapples onto it and kills it with a pistol. A grunt and The Joker (who is Tricky) appear to kill Hankman. Hankman rips the grunt's head and spine out and throws it on the ground in front of the Joker and takes out his sword again when the credits begin.