Fistful of Madness is a Madness Combat tribute animation made by Shinkdog for Madness Day 2007. The main characters are an Outlaw (who is probably a reference to the Madness Combat 4 Hank) and the Deputy.


The Outlaw


The setting is the wild west. It is revealed that The Outlaw once shot the Sheriff and he's now going after The Deputy. They do a classic shoot-at-noon standoff and The Outlaw shoots, but The Deputy's badge blocked the bullet. The Deputy escapes into a bar and starts a riot in order to block The Outlaw's path. The Outlaw kills all the people at the bar and The Deputy's bodyguards (who look like 1337 agents with black cowboy hats).


The Deputy, commanding one of his bodyguards to leave

   The animation ends with The Outlaw throwing a knife at The Deputy and shooting him in the head with a revolver.

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