Birthday Massacre is a submission by Rapheus in 2010 for his girlfriend Audie (probally around the in-animation date).

The animation starts with Rapheus's alarm clock changing to 7:00 and playing Dragonstea Din Tei by Ozone. He shoots it thrice with a Glock pistol and gets out of the bed and goes to his calendar. The date is August 18 (Audie's birthday). Rapheus goes over to a sign labeled "Audie's Presents". There aren't any so Rapheus goes to Wal-mart.

The guy at the entrance is unresponsive to Rapheus so he punches him out of the way so he can get a shopping cart. Rapheus is going through for a gift for Audie and sees a doll on top of the shelf. He asks an employee to get it for him, but he is also unresponsive, so Rapheus rips his head off and hops on it to grab the doll. He goes on to an aisle full of girls looking at the book Twilight. Rapheus mows then down with a minigun (because he hates Twilight and since the girls are reading it he hates them for liking it). He then goes on to get balloons for the party. The employee handling the balloons is listening to music and and ignores Rapheus. Rapheus takes the headphones out of the employee's ears and stabs the employee with the canister of helium behind him. The employee's head grows until he explodes (also making the balloons unfit for the party since there is blood on them).

He then goes to the bakery to get the cake. Fortunately this employee is responsive, but he makes the cake messy, so Rapheus unloads his glock into him, then knocks him over with the cake. Rapheus finally goes to the checkout where a ton of people are in line (including Ronald McDonald and the old man from Nursing Home Madness). 3 hours later, all the people in line except Rapheus are gone, so he goes up. The employee closes the checkout, which makes Rapheus shoot him with a shotgun. If you look at the blood splatter it says "Happy Birthday Audie"!.